“New Year, New Me”

It’s not the most popular thing in the world but I’m very much pro “New Year New Me”, hear me out. Every January I see people harping on about other people who say they’re going to set New Year’s resolutions and stick with them. Twitter always seems to be full of people giving out about other people trying to better themselves. It’s so negative!

Why shouldn’t people want to make a change? And yes, I’m aware that you don’t need a New Year to change but there’s just something about it that screams ‘fresh start’. This year even more so seeing as the year started on a Monday, don’t tell me that wasn’t at least a little bit inspiring! (I say that as if I didn’t spend the whole first day of this year horrifically hungover)

The New Year is a great time to better yourself. Maybe “New Year, New Me” isn’t the best way to put it as opposed to “New Year, Better Me” but it’s the same action behind it. We need to stop ridiculing people for trying to improve themselves just because they’re using the new year as a fresh slate. We need to be more positive about this kind of stuff and work to build each other as opposed to knocking each other down when we try new things or improve on things in our lives.

I’m lucky in the sense that I have a great support network of friends and family around me that are supporting my resolutions this year. I drew out a few but the main ones are:

  • Start vlogging on Snapchat (You can follow that here: @GilroysWorld)
  • Read 50 books (I’m already one and a half books in)
  • Blog at least once a week (Doing alright there, one week in)
  • And to keep working towards my fitness goals (Although, that’s been temporarily put on hold after I re-injured my back on my first gym session back this year)

I’ve heard from people who have told to me that when they revealed their plans for bettering themselves to their friends, they were told to get a grip and drop the ‘notions’. Imagine that, trying to get support from your pals and them telling you to stop!

I see this kind of negativity online all the time too! “It’s January 1st and I’m already sick of people saying they’re changing this year” followed by some monkey emojis. This kind of post annoys me to no end. If someone trying to make a change in their life is that inconvenient to you, you should sit down and have a word with yourself. (I suppose the same can be said about if someone Tweeting annoys you enough to write a blog post about it…)

I don’t want to harp on too much more about this. I think I’ll start repeating myself even more so than I already have so far. I do think that we need to make a collective resolution to support our mates more. If they’re trying to turn a new leaf this year, support them, help them where you can. Don’t laugh at them or go out of your way to counter their positive changes.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Hit me up on SnapchatTwitterFacebook, and Instagram and let me know! I’m also currently running a bit of a giveaway on my Snapchat so make sure you enter that!

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