Let’s Talk About The 8th

Okay. I’m sure absolutely everyone around the country has heard about this by now. Between posters, canvassers, terribly produced TV debates etc. there’s been no escaping it.  The upcoming vote to repeal the 8th amendment. I’m not going to explain the whole thing here but there’s a great video by Irish YouTuber, Clisare on its background. You can watch that here.

If you follow me on my social media pages, you’re probably well aware that this isn’t something I’ve really kept quiet about. Full disclosure before I properly get into things, I’m very much in favour of repealing the 8th. If that’s something you take an issue with, I’d recommend clicking off. I’d more-so recommend reading on and then reaching out, let’s have a discussion.

We have an awful history of treating women like garbage in this country. We’ve had awful laws in place that almost go out of their way to decrease a woman’s quality of life. There was a time when it was illegal for a woman to make as much money as a man. There was a time when it was illegal for a woman to walk into a pub and order a drink. Marital rape was legal in Ireland until 1990. They’ve had it pretty fucking rough in this country.

The 8th amendment is one more stepping stone for the women of this country to finally have control of their own lives. Our current law on this makes abortion inside the borders of Ireland illegal but allows a woman to legally go to England to terminate a pregnancy. We are literally brushing this issue under the rug in typical Irish ‘if we can’t see it, it doesn’t exist fashion’.

One thing I can’t understand is how people are not grasping the fact that a No vote doesn’t mean abortions will suddenly stop. It means that we will continue to export our problem and that the women of this country will continue taking risks when it comes to abortion.

People need to realise that this isn’t a vote on abortion, it’s a vote on choice. Think of it this way. And this is especially targeted at men. Imagine you get diagnosed with testicular cancer (touch wood!) and your doctor tells you that the only way you can survive this is to have one of your balls removed. If one of my balls go rogue and decides to try to kill me, I’m getting that out of my body as soon as I can, because I can. Now imagine a world where it’s illegal to have this done because there are billions of potential lives stored in there. Think about it.

Repealing the 8th has the potential to save so many lives. Lives as in living people. Living people with friends, families, lives. As it stands, we put the potential life of a foetus above the actual life of a mother. This simply isn’t right. Especially considering the fact that if the mother dies, the foetus dies. Who are we actually protecting here?

I also want to address the worrying amount of men who aren’t voting because they feel this issue isn’t related to them. Lads, have a word with yourselves and think about it. This mightn’t affect you now, it mightn’t affect you ever, but I can assure you that there’s someone in your life who this will affect. Your vote matters. How will you feel if you don’t vote on this and we don’t repeal the 8th and some time in the future someone in your life runs into trouble while pregnant. Will you be able to look them in the eye knowing you didn’t do the bare minimum to help them? Don’t live in regret.

Finally, for the people voting no. Why? You need to see that we’re voting on choice here. I don’t blame anyone for being anti-abortion. I’m horrified at the idea of abortion, I don’t like the thought of it. I’m also horrified at the thought of open heart surgery but it saves lives. Please reconsider your vote if you feel we should continue denying our women basic healthcare.

I hope I haven’t minced my words too much here. We’re approaching a historic moment for Ireland regardless of the outcome. Let’s put ourselves on the right side of history and let this be the start of a more compassionate Ireland. TRUST WOMEN.

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